2. The design of PCB-- Layout inspection and the main sequence

3. Layout inspection

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1. Whether the size of the circuit board consistent with the processing size that required of the drawing.

2. Whether the layout of the components is balanced, orderly and complete.

3. Whether there is no conflict at all levels,such as component, outside frame, the level of private printing is reasonable.

4. Whether the commonly used components are convenient to use,such as switches, plug-in board inserts, components that need to be replaced frequently, etc.

5. Whether the distance between heat sensitive components and heating components is reasonable.

6. Good heat dissipation.

7. Whether the disturbance of the line needs to be considered.

4. the main sequence
System specification: first, the system specifications of the electronic equipment should be planned. It includes system functions, cost constraints, size, operating conditions, and so on.

Functional block: next you must make a functional block diagram of the system. The relationship between squares must also be marked.

By splitting the system into several PCB, which not only can be reduced  in size, but also have the ability to upgrade and exchange components.

The functional block diagram of the system provides the basis for our segmentation.
The computer can be divided into motherboard, display card, sound card, floppy drive and power supply and so on.

The encapsulation method , the size, the number of circuits and technologies used by PCB are determined. The next step is to determine the size of the board.

If the PCB design is too large, then the encapsulation technology will change, or it will be redivided. When choosing a technology, you should also consider the quality and speed of the wiring diagram.



7. The design of PCB(multiple layer board)-- Process of multilayer board

11. The design of PCB (multiple layer board)--Basic requirement of designing multiple layer PCB VOL3