5. Basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi--see the version

5. see the version
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There are so many ways to see the version:

1.by smartphone
First, download two software:
JuiceSSH              this is terminal
AndroidVNC           this is VNC used to display the version
Ensure the smartphone and Raspberry Pi has connect to the same network, you can open the USB wifi share of smartphone, then connect Raspberry Pi and smartphone with an USB cable, try to get IP of Raspberry Pi.
Open JuiceSSH, set a new connect, give it a name and input Raspberry Pi’s IP, connect it, you can see that it’s easy to write command via smartphone for it has serve for many shortcut key.
Set up a software by the following command:

sudo app-get install tightvncserver

This command is used for installing tightvncserver


This command is used to open androidVNC


It will require you to type a password which is 8-bit
When have done this, you may feel wired that it hasn’t show anything, don’t worry, it hasn’t been typed in actually, verify the password, there’s a port hide in the last sentence,
1 is the port.
Open androidVNC, give it a name you want, set password, type raspi’s IP, port is 590x, x is just what you see at the last sentence: 1. Username is pi, the color format is suggested to be 24-bit color (4bpp), click at “Local mouse pointer” you can control the mouse pointer, finally, push the option connect at the upleft corner. You can enjoy it now

2.via computer
This can be divided into two ways:
A method that don’t need to download a software named VNCViewer to computer and the other needed.
Method one:
Connect Raspberry Pi with computer, use the terminal named XShell (you have install it before) to write command.
Type these command:

sduo apt-get install xrdp

Now, we find push WIN+R on the keyboard to start a CMD on computer, type mstsc in and push enter, a dialog box appears, input Raspi’s IP, select “connect”, it can work now.
At the bottom of dialog box, there’s an option named “show item”, click it and choose “display”, you can set the pixel of screen and the color.
Tip: it seems very simple, however, the effect is not so good for my computer, the screen act so slowly.

Method two:
Download a software named VNCViewer,
Type the following command, since you have install the tightvnc by typing

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

Type the following command:

tightvncserver                      open tightvncserver

There’s a message of port appear in the last sentence: raspberrypi: n, the number is name of port

vncpasswd                         ready to set VNC’s password 

The password also need be 8-bit, if password have surpassed 8-bit, it will default to the fore 8-bit password.
Go to start VNCViewer,
Type IP in this way:   IP:port       for example:
Input your password, and is OK.

3.via screen, just see the forth of how to set Wi-Fi.
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