8. The design of PCB (multiple layer board)---Method of wring and necessary work

2. Method of wiring on multiple layers PCB
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   Generally, four layers board can be divide into top layer, bottom layer and two internal layer. Internal layer: by command “DESIGN/LAYER STACK MANAGER” use “ADD PLANE” add “INTERNAL PLANE1” and “INTERNAL PLANE2” as VCC and GND in power and GND layer (tip: don’t use “ADD LAYER”, it will add MIDPLAYER, it’s used in multiple layer of signal track), if there are several power layer such as VCC2 or GND layer such as GND2, then use bolder wire or FILL to draw a district on power of GND belongs to PLANE1 or PLANE2,  use PLACE/SPLIT PLANE to make a corresponding district (VCC2 copper and GND2 copper flakes are not present in this area in the same PLANE) tip: different surface layers in the same PLANE and try not to overlap.SPLIT1 and SPLIT2 are overlapped in the same PLANE, and SPLIT2 is inside the SPLIT1, which automatically separates the two pieces according to the border of SPLIT2 (SPLIT1 is distributed on the periphery of the SPLIT. The holes in the area are automatically connected with the copper skin corresponding to the layer, and the device pins that pass through the upper and lower plates, such as the DIP package and the connector, will automatically move away from the PLANE of the area.Click DESIGN/SPLIT to view the SPLIT PLANES.

3. Guarantee of quality of multiple layer PCB
Multiple layer PCB’s guarantee of quality have define in IPC, surface technology is antioxidative, if the vacuum package haven’t been unpack, this should be used within half a year, if it have been unpack, then should be used within 24 hours.

4. Parameter of multiple layers PCB
Material: FR-4
Thickness: 1.2mm
Min track: 6mil/6mil
Min via: 0.4mm
Surface finish: ENIG
File formation: Gerber
Type: for PC, 4 layers

5. Necessary work before PCB multilayer design
1. Carefully calibrated schematic diagram: any printing plate design can not be separated from the schematic diagram.The accuracy of the schematic diagram is the basis for the correct printing plate.Therefore, before the printing plate design, the signal integrity of the schematic diagram must be carried out carefully and repeatedly, ensuring the correct connection of the device to each other.
2. Device selection: the selection of components is a very important link in the design of the printing plate.The same function, the parameters of the device, the packaging method may be different.Packaging is different, the welding hole (disk) of the device on the printing plate is different.Therefore, before embarking on the printing plate design, it is necessary to determine the packaging form of each component.



7. The design of PCB(multiple layer board)-- Process of multilayer board

11. The design of PCB (multiple layer board)--Basic requirement of designing multiple layer PCB VOL3