2. Basic knowlege of Raspberry Pi --Connect the Raspberry Pi to computer

2. Connect the Raspberry Pi to computer
      Juvtmall ( a company supply PCB PrototypingPCBA service and sell kinds of components, modules and so on) 

Connect your computer and Raspberry Pi to the rooter, let them share the net, for easily find your Raspberry Pi’s IP, you can download the following software into computer:
Advanced IP Scanner:

If your root has connected many terminal, you can try the software, start the software click the start option, wait a minute, you can find a manufacturer which named Raspberry Pi Foundation, then find the corresponding IP, it’s the host name of Raspberry Pi, open XShell, input the host name at “1”
Raspberry Pi’s name is pi, password is raspberry.
Then you can input command to your Raspberry Pi with a computer.



7. The design of PCB(multiple layer board)-- Process of multilayer board

11. The design of PCB (multiple layer board)--Basic requirement of designing multiple layer PCB VOL3